Create your own AI pet portraits photos

Professional artistic portraits and photo-realistic pictures of your pet, custom made by the magic of AI!

✔ Transform your cat or dog

✔ 80+ themes to choose from

✔ Fast. Easy. Fun.



ArtingAI founded to help startups, and it still shapes the way we work today.

Upload 10-20 photos of your pet

Quality and variety are very important. Upload high quality photos with different backgrounds and poses in every picture for the best results.

Wait 30 mins for AI processing

After choosing 10 themes from below, relax and wait for the AI to train on the original photos and generate the new AI pet portraits and photos.

Get 100 AI pet portraits / photos

We will send you an email when your new images are ready! With 100 total images, including 50 AI pet portraits and 50 AI pet photos, we are sure you'll find many that will make you smile.