Sora AI Image to Video: Possible New Features to be Launched by Sora

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has launched a new tool called Sora AI Video Creator . With Sora, users can easily turn their text into one-minute videos. In the future, it is possible that he will continue to launch image-to-video tools, Sora AI Image to Video.

Turn Your Images into Animated Videos with Sora

Transforming your images or photographs into captivating animated videos can feel overwhelming if you're not familiar with video editing or animation software. But fear not, artificial intelligence (AI) tools can simplify this process for you. Although OpenAI has not yet launched Sora AI Image to Video functionality, there are already some other image-to-video tools available on the market. In this article, I will present three AI-powered video generators that allow you to turn your pictures into animated videos without the need for any financial investment.

HeyGen AI Video Generator

HeyGen is an AI video generator that not only produces high quality animated videos but also offers avatars suitable for educational videos or advertisements.

MyHeritage AI Video Generator

MyHeritage is an AI video generator that focuses on enhancing old images, allowing you to produce animated videos from vintage photos. To use MyHeritage, simply choose the DeepStory option located under the photo header and upload your image.

D-ID AI Video Generator

Lastly, we have D-ID which offers a free trial option. To use D ID, click on the Free Trial button on the home page and sign up using your Google account or email address.

How to use?

To get started with HeyGen, click on the sign-in button and either log in with your current account or sign up using your Google or Facebook credentials. Simply respond to a few basic questions about how you plan to use the tool, and you'll be taken to the home page.

Next, click on the avatar icon located in the left toolbar and choose the option for talking photos. You can proceed by uploading a photo from your computer or generating an image using the AI tool. Specify the dimensions for your video and provide or upload a script. On the right toolbar, select the voice of the speaker you prefer, and adjust the speed and pitch of the audio. Once you are content with your settings, generate the video, and include a caption or share it with others.

Indicate your character's gender and input a first and last name. Enter your desired text and choose your preferred speaker's voice from the available options. Generate the video and download or edit it as necessary.


While the three image-to-video tools mentioned above can generate simple videos from images, there is still some gap compared to Sora, the text-to-video tool recently launched by OpenAI. Sora's videos can be up to 60 seconds long, high-definition, and smooth, and can be generated based on some simple prompts. Since OpenAI has introduced Sora, it is inevitable that in the future Sora will also have the capability of image-to-video. I believe that Sora AI Image to Video will also bring great shock to everyone.

In summary

AI video generators like HeyGen, MyHeritage, and D-ID make it easy and accessible for anyone to create animated videos from their images or photographs. With just a few clicks and adjustments you can quickly generate high quality videos for educational or promotional purposes. Explore these AI tools and discover the creative videos you can produce! We also look forward to OpenAI releasing Sora AI Image to Video soon, bringing Sora AI Image to Video into the public view, allowing more people to experience the powerful capabilities of AI and the convenience it brings.